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Chapter Six Kosher Ashwagandha Gummies contain Ashwagandha, which supports relaxation and calmness. This formula provides a robust dose of 260 mg of Ashwagandha, a popular herb, in a delicious-tasting gummy.

Ashwagandha Gummies

SKU: 848998-04130-4
  • OPTIMAL HEALTH: Chapter Six Ashwagandha Gummies provide Ashwagandha, a popular herb, in a delicious-tasting gummy.


    SIMPLY DELICIOUS: Taste bud tested, Palate approved. Dietary Supplements in fun-flavored gummies, Chapter Six Ashwagandha Gummies provide you with this crucial supplement in a great-tasting gummy which will have you reaching out for more.


    KOSHER CERTIFIED under the strict supervision of Rabbi Sh. Stern and the Orthodox Union.


    FREE OF peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, gluten, soy and eggs.

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